Our Leaders

Our Elders

Our congregation is blessed to have many men who meet the biblical qualifications of an elder. We appoint a varying number of these men to serve as a leadership community who oversee the ministries of the church.

Our elders do not serve as a¬†board. They are a leadership community, which has been called out of the congregation by the Holy Spirit’s direction. We believe this is the biblical model of congregational leadership.

  • God the Father is creator and master of all
  • Jesus Christ is the appointed Head of the Church
  • His Apostles wrote the New Testament which is the authority of the Church
  • They wrote under the direction of the Holy Spirit, who also directs the congregation
  • To recognize from among them men who are gifted to lead
  • These men, whom we call elders, then choose from among them the pastors, or vocational elders.

Current Elder Community

The elders serve as necessary, and the size of our leadership community varies from time to time. Currently, we have three elders beside our teaching pastor.

  • Tom Hathcoat
  • Greg Jones
  • Raymond Pouliot (transitional elder)


Erik grew up in a pastor’s home, has an undergraduate degree from a Bible college and holds a master’s degree in church leadership. All of that doesn’t mean much at all. His passion for the Scriptures and God’s flock are far more important than any degree.

He has been our congregation’s pastor since 2004 and led the congregation through the merger. Before that, he served as the associate pastor of another local congregation in the region. He and his wife Nichole met in college and have lived in New Hampshire since 1999.

In addition to his role as our primary teacher of the Scriptures and equipper of the saints (Ephesians 5), he plays guitar and sings with his wife Nichole, a gifted musician and singer.