SERMON SERIES: Is That Really What It Says?

After fifteen weeks of messages revolving around lament and holiness, we will be focusing on some lighter topics – namely some of the most misunderstood stories and statements in the Bible.

It is extraordinary how often the Scriptures have become reinterpreted through the popular imagination. While most of these various retellings of the Biblical narrative have little impact other than in how we imagine situations, there are some that alter some core, fundamental concepts. If we’re not careful, we let the pop version of a narrative change the deeper truths revealed in the text.

  • What does the story of Noah and the Ark really tell us about God?
  • Why did the people who lived in Shinar build “The Tower of Babel”? Why does that story matter so much?
  • Is there a point to the big deal everyone made about Joseph’s robe of many colors?
  • What was the point of the Israelite wanderings in the wilderness, and where did they wander for forty years anyway?
  • Who were the Philistines? Why did David fight Goliath and have Philistine soldiers in his army? And just how did they fit into Israel’s history?

From May 27 until July 1, we will explore these and a lot more interesting passages in the Bible which make a lot more sense when they are read in context. We will consider what we think we know, and what both context and the extraordinary volume of information available through archaeology, comparative language study and new discoveries confirm about the authority and power of the Scriptures.