This Easter season, we will be doing a truly unique teaching series. We will be considering the words of the prophet Jeremiah in the Book of Lamentations. Jeremiah spent his life prophesying that Jerusalem would fall to the Babylonians; but no one listened. When the conquest happened in 586 BCE, the city was completely destroyed.

In response, Jeremiah wrote five poems of lament. These are creative expressions of grief which resonate with anyone who has lost something that meant the world to them.

During this teaching series, members of our congregation will be sharing the heart-rending losses we go through in life. Pastor Erik has asked them to share the real, soul-level pain of the loss and not to try to offer quick fix answers. This is not to generate sympathy, although we all mourn with these folks. Instead, it is to create an environment where we are safe to express our deepest emotions and conflicts, as Jeremiah did.

This will not be a comfortable teaching series. Buckle up.

Along with the teaching series, we will be doing a daily Bible study through the Book of Lamentations from Ash Wednesday (February 14) until Good Friday (March 30). You can pick up a copy of the Bible study at a worship gathering, or your can download it and print it at home. The booklet is formatted to be printed double-sided on half-fold 8.5×11″ paper.

Download the Booklet by clicking the image.

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