Solomon: The Tarnished Crown

A new teaching series beginning on Sunday, September 17. Solomon was the son of David, the chosen king of Israel and Judah. He reigned for forty years, and his was a time of prosperity and peace. But he was also a ruthless tyrant, a bedroom idolater, and ultimately a broken man.

His life is a story of human triumph and weakness. From the peculiar circumstances of his parents’ marriage to his rise to power at the edge of a blade to his glistening Temple constructed for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to his failure to raise a wise heir leading to the ultimate decline of his kingdom, it is recorded in sometimes painful detail for all to see.

To study Solomon is an epic journey back to Early Iron Age Israel, to a place of warfare, intrigue and unimaginable wealth. Join us.

If you would like to catch up on some of Pastor Erik DiVietro’s previous writings on David and the early kingdom of Israel and Judah, here are some links:

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